Peludos Woof & Wow Fest

One of our dreams came true!

Peludos wanted to give the dogs a special day and thank all dog owners for being so commited to their beloved.

The festival consisted in different activities for dogs, kids and animal lovers.

Kids could enjoy a drawing workshop hosted by Kolbeinn Karlsson, a wonderful cartoonist. Everyone could be portraid with their dog, just like the E.T. bike-moon-scene of Elliot and E.T or only the dog dressed up like if it were at the backstage of a theatre.  And illustrating the walls, an art exhibition was shown, MDonada´s colorful animal cosmos. There were two dog trainers to give advice and show some tricks. Free food for the fourlegged. Concerts for all, Mire Kay and Pal that with there soft tunes a dog fall asleep, while the others cuddled in the arms of their best friend.

Apparently the dogs had a great day ♥

Check out the program here


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